Still suffering Hashi symptoms?

How to help lower thyroid antibodies


Many of us with Hashimoto’s (me included) still suffer autoimmune symptoms despite being on thyroid hormone replacement medication(s).   Basically, “something” is still annoying the crap out of our thyroid gland, which is then causing our antibodies to rise!


However, there is hope, and through my research, asking questions and experimentation on myself, I’ve found a couple of practices that can help us Hashi folk “calm” those partying antibodies down.


Don’t forget that everyone is different and there is no one-size-fits-all model, however for many people, simply removing dairy, gluten, soy and/or grains could be all they need.  Voila!


5 practices that can help calm thyroid antibodies?


Remove food sensitivities | Gluten and dairy are the BIG ones to say goodbye to, especially for those of us with Hashimoto’s (hypothyroidism caused by an autoimmune disease), however other thyroid antibody triggering foods may also include sugar, alcohol, soy, caffeine, eggs, corn, grains (including gluten-free grains), nightshade veggies, legumes and nuts.   I have personally found great relief from my Hashi symptoms when on the Autoimmune Protocol diet, however you may not have to go to this extreme - it all depends on your level of inflammation.


Liver Love | Our largest internal organ and considered to be our body’s hardest working organ for detoxification.   When it is depleted of nutrients, or overloaded with pesticides, additives and heavy metals - our entire body is affected, so to give your liver a little love, look for foods that are organic and pesticide free with no added preservatives or nasties!  For a little more liver love, perhaps add in some gentle self-care detox practices from infrared saunas, dry body brushing and oil pulling to yoga, walking and massage.


Selenium | The selenium mineral helps protects our thyroid by removing excessive hydrogen peroxide AND is essential for our thyroid hormones to be synthesised, activated and metabolised.  You can find it in high-protein foods such as meat, fish, shellfish, eggs and of course, Brazil nuts. Unfortunately though, the amount of selenium found in foods these days is completely dependent on the soil where it’s grown – so once again, try and choose organic and pesticide free wherever possible. 


Vitamin D |  Studies are showing that a deficiency in Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) is linked with Hashimoto’s and that Vitamin D supplementation can actually help REDUCE the thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPO) AND support our endocrine and immune systems.  Our best source of Vitamin D is of course the sun, however our best food sources include oily fish, prawns and raw oysters, raw milk and pasture-raised egg yolks, as well as shitake and portabello mushrooms.


Reduce Toxic Exposure | We unfortunately can’t control everything in our environment, but there are some things we can.  Firstly, buy foods that are organic and pesticide free.  Avoid any processed and canned foods and use safe cookware/bakeware that’s free of aluminium.   Drink filtered water which is free from chlorine, fluoride and other harmful chemicals as well as replace commercial toothpaste with a fluoride-free variety.   Perhaps invest in a high quality air filter.  Also remember – our skin absorbs EVERYTHING so switch and ditch the beauty products, cleaning supplies and personal care products.



Over to you - Love to hear what you have found to be helpful in lowering your thyroid antibodies?