Merry Christmas !


Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and healthy Christmas.

I'm off to the countryside for some well earned R&R.  Giving this little body of mine, which has worked hard all year, some time to rest and heal.

Thank you so very much for all of your support and emails over the year - I truly appreciate it.  Your love, kindness and questions put a huge smile on my face each day.  Thank you.

See you all in 2017!


My Home for the Holidays !

My Home for the Holidays !

Christmas + the countryside = one very happy girl!

It really is pretty simple.  A house surrounded by bushland (no neighbours please!), Bing Crosby, twinkling Christmas lights and a big bowl of fresh prawns.  That's all it takes to make me forget about the working year that's been, allowing my shoulders to drop and the biggest smile to appear permanently on my face.

This is my perfect Christmas, all wrapped up with a big red bow.

My Christmas Tart !

My Christmas Tart !

3 simple words that when said apart, make me smile, but when said together, make me swoon .... Fruit.  Mince.  Tart.

In my old life, these 3 simple little single syllable words would conjure up so many good memories, making me feel comforted, happy and oh so "Christmassy".

Now, having run away from gluten and sugar, these words when said together do (if I'm being honest) bring up a little feeling of deprivation, but more so bring up feelings of sugar highs and slumps, sleepiness and foggy brain.  Not to mention a swollen thyroid!  I’m not one to say “never”, but with the knowledge I now have of how sugar affects my body, I just can’t imaging EVER consuming these little tarts that I once held in such high esteem, again.