Coconut Flour - A Gluten Free Alternative

Coconut Flour - A Gluten Free Alternative

Coconut Flour.  


A pain in the arse to bake with, but when you get the combination right....oh my!


One of the first struggles I encountered when I took gluten from my diet was the vast array of "gluten-free" alternatives out there.  The supermarket shelves these days are packed to the brim with them and I found it hard to decipher between those that were actually nourishing and helpful to my body, and those that are synthetic, processed, bleached and potentially contain gut irritating soy products.  Clever marketing can be very persuasive.


I don't know about your story or reasons for going gluten free, however removing gluten from my diet was for health reasons, so I certainly didn't want to then start adding all that crap into my body, just because it didn't contain gluten.

Rose + Le Labo !

Rose + Le Labo !


It can help regulate and balance hormone production throughout the body, and has an aroma that can keep you charged and feeling happy. It promotes circulation, takes care of the heart, reduces blood pressure and can help with asthma, dehydration and various other infections.

So when walking down Elizabeth Street in New York one fine Winter's day, our noses led us to an oasis hidden amongst the metal fire escapes.  


COOKBOOK:  Nourish

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the cookbook Love Bake Nourish by Amber Rose, so when she released her new book Nourish, in collaboration with 2 of her talented friends, I was first in line.

Nourish is not your typical cookbook as it's split into 3 sections.  The first section (I'm being honest) is my favourite as it's filled with gorgeous fresh recipes by Amber.  The other 2 sections cover health and nourishment for the mind, body and soul.  This book gives tips, tricks, solutions and answers for getting your health back into shape, stilling your mind and just simply maintaining a positive and happy outlook.  It's simply stunning.

Christmas Cake !

Christmas Cake !

Plump, boozy dried fruit, glace cherries and nuts.  All the things I loved in the Christmas cakes of my past.  The denser and the darker the better.  Cake that would (and could) last for months (if I didn't eat it sooner).  And cake that stayed moist without the need for refrigeration.

My body and taste buds may no longer be able to tolerate these sweet fruit cakes of my youth, but I still have a need (and a desperate want) for a boozy, spicy and dense sliver of cake to sit proudly and lovingly alongside my cup of tea on Christmas day.

WARNING: Contains Sugar!

WARNING:  Contains Sugar!

I try not to push my sugar beliefs onto those around me.  However, sometimes I find it hard to keep my big mouth shut, but I do like to believe that I rant and rave out of love. 

I usually just get an eye roll in return.

So being the wonderful friend that I am, I did bring along a sweet treat loaded with the white stuff to my Annual Christmas Feast last week (see here).   Just four simple ingredients went into this bite sized Christmas treat, which was quickly snapped up by the kids and adults alike.

Packaged up, this would also make a wonderful Christmas gift for those sugar loving friends of yours out there!