Watty and Meg !

Watty and Meg !

I love it when taking a wrong turn turns out to be the best thing.

We did start out with a plan, but that was thrown out the window when over an hour later and with tummies rumbling, we realised we were in completely the wrong area.  Yep, we turned the "other" left.  

But then there in the distance (well, across the road) was a glimpse of warmth, cosiness and most   Watty and Meg.  The perfect little bistro for these two hungry little ladies.

A Place Called Yard !

A Place Called Yard !

Far far away in a little town called Paris lives a pretty, yet unassuming restaurant called Yard.

This little Parisian gem is not interested in being amongst the hustle and bustle, but can be discovered hiding down a little back cobbled lane, away from prying tourist eyes.  An hours walk from our apartment brings us inside this oasis where you'll find me...hungrily and impatiently waiting for the seasonal (albeit limited) menu to be placed in front of me.

And each year I walk away having indulged in and subsequently voted for "the dish of the trip"

PARIS: Folks and Sparrows !

PARIS:  Folks and Sparrows !

It's no secret that I love my food, and that I especially love to eat.  

Put me in France surrounded by all that food and I swoon.

However, some days I like something quick and light.  Only some days!

This is where Folks and Sparrows was perfect.  A home-made quiche or a freshly whipped up baguette is what you'll find here.  You'll also find gorgeous smiles, a relaxed vibe and an environment you'll want to take lots and lots photos of.

Take Away in Paris !

Take Away in Paris !

The Marais.  The area of Paris we love the most.  The area we stay every time we visit, and the area where we’ve slowly gotten to know some of the locals.  We like to think they love us and miss us when we’re gone…yes, we also like to dream a lot.

Rachel’s is a funny place.  

I’m not quite sure if I know (or even if it knows) where it fits into the whole Parisian culinary scheme of things, but what I did love were the smiles we received when we entered.