AIP: Banana Bread

AIP:  Banana Bread



Cake.  Yes, it is possible to be on AIP and eat your cake too.  


Being a lover of baking cakes, making the decision to try the Autoimmune Protocol left me feeling deprived and depressed.  Was I ever going to eat cake again?  Or more to the point, was I ever going to grease a pan, whip up a batter and bake a cake again?



My AIP Porridge Alternative

My AIP Porridge Alternative


Since saying au revoir to gluten some time ago, oats became a thing of my past, and then of course since being on AIP, using rice flakes as an alternative has also come to an sad end. 


But it's not the end of porridge.  There is a new player in town?



My "Goodbye Parasite" Granola

My "Goodbye Parasite" Granola



So I thought I'd give you a little long overdue update on the whole parasite situation going on in my gut ... along with my new plan of attack AND a little say "au revoir parasite" granola . . .



Mousse for 1


Today I have a gift for you. 


For those times when your sweet tooth is banging on the door, however the thought of getting up off the couch, turning the oven on and whipping up a batch up cookies (also knowing you’ll probably end up eating ‘em all!), isn’t appealing whatsoever.


For those times when you need a little sweet hit, but at the same time, not wanting to undo all the good you’ve been doing towards healing your thyroid and that gut of yours.


For those times when only chocolate will do.


A single serve dessert.


Yep.  Just one single serve.


No need to worry about portion control.  No need to switch on the oven.  In fact, a dessert filled to the brim with potassium, magnesium, fibre and vitamin C, which will not only send your sweet tooth packing, it will help lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, improve your body’s ability to absorb other nutrients (like iron), and keep your digestive track running smoothly.


You’re welcome!