Raw Cacao + Iron

Raw Cacao + Iron

Did you know that raw organic cacao is the highest plant-based source of iron?


Did you also know that it contains more calcium than cow’s milk?


Say what?!


However, as the iron found in raw organic cacao is non-heme (as is all plant-based iron), you’ll body will get maximum benefit if you combine eating it with vitamin C.

HOW TO: Cauliflower Rice

HOW TO:  Cauliflower Rice

It's not a new concept, and it's definitely not my concept, but I'm a lover and wanted to share how mind-blowingly easy and delicious Cauliflower Rice is.


Whilst I'm currently off grains while my tummy heals (yep, even the gluten free grains), and whilst it's at its peak and in season, cauliflower rice has been a staple in my home.  Not only is it sooo good for our bodies (see here) it's been a wonderful addition to mid-week stir-frys or served alongside a slow cooked casserole made on the weekend.


However you want to eat it, it takes only two steps.


Yep, just 2!

3 Tips for a Healthy Thyroid

3 Tips for a Healthy Thyroid

Suffering the horrible effects of thyroiditis?  I hear ya sista!


For me it varies, from a swollen/sore thyroid, a splitting headache and extreme lethargy to dry skin, mood swings and the desperate wanting to curl up in a ball and not interact with anyone!


Chatting about these symptoms with my everyday GP last year, I was told there was nothing I could do – this was just “how it was”.  Seriously????


So you guessed it, I started to research this fact for myself. 


 I turned to whole, organic foods and I listened to my body…very closely.  Straight away I implemented 3 simple everyday steps into my daily routine as an experiment.  So far, I haven’t looked back.  Perhaps you may also like to experiment with them?  I figure, anything is worth a shot when trying to support your healthy thyroid.

Vitamin A + Thyroid Health

Vitamin A + Thyroid Health


Vitamin A.  A fat soluble vitamin, which means it MUST be consumed with fat in order to have optimal absorption.


A vitamin I am sadly deficient in, as revealed by my naturopath.


Vitamin A is essential for our vision, for boosting our immune function and for giving us healthy glowing skin.  It is also needed in the production of T3 (thyroid hormone) – which is just one of the many reasons I suffer hypothyroidism symptoms (and perhaps you too?)


Did you know that without this essential vitamin, our thyroid levels can suffer?


Did you also know that there is a strong connection between vitamin A deficiency and hypothyroidism?

Coconut Flour - A Gluten Free Alternative

Coconut Flour - A Gluten Free Alternative

Coconut Flour.  


A pain in the arse to bake with, but when you get the combination right....oh my!


One of the first struggles I encountered when I took gluten from my diet was the vast array of "gluten-free" alternatives out there.  The supermarket shelves these days are packed to the brim with them and I found it hard to decipher between those that were actually nourishing and helpful to my body, and those that are synthetic, processed, bleached and potentially contain gut irritating soy products.  Clever marketing can be very persuasive.


I don't know about your story or reasons for going gluten free, however removing gluten from my diet was for health reasons, so I certainly didn't want to then start adding all that crap into my body, just because it didn't contain gluten.