AIP Winter Salad

AIP Winter Salad

When I make a salad, I want it to be the main meal.  The star.  I never want to be hungry after eating one and I don’t ever want to be left feeling empty, pathetic and deprived (ok, maybe a little dramatic, but you get my drift).

So over the years, I’ve develop a few basic “rules” when it comes to making my salads . . .

The Gut Chakra | Part II

The Gut Chakra | Part II



Continuing on from The Gut Chakra Part 1.... 


When this chakra is blocked you’ll most likely experience feelings of low self-worth and of being powerless and stressed.  You have an unhealthy digestive track, adrenal fatigue and develop bad sleep patterns.  Sound like you?  

A golden rule with salads . .

A golden rule with salads . .

Salad.  A five letter word that sends my mum into the foetal position.

Yet, it’s a five letter word that makes me swoon.  Yes, I’m one of those strange people that actually likes to eat salads.  In fact, I LOVE salads, no matter the weather, no matter the ingredients.

However, I do believe there is one golden rule you can never deviate from when making a salad, which unfortunately many people fail to follow....

IN SEASON: Asparagus

IN SEASON:  Asparagus

No other vegetable signifies the arrival of Spring like asparagus.

In season in Australia from  September to March, this little gem of a vegetable is loaded with nutrients from fiber, folate and vitamins A, C, E and K.

It's also packed with antioxidants, ranking it amongst some of the top vegetables for its ability to neutralize cell-damaging free radicals, potentially helping to slow the aging process. 

Not bad, huh?