COOKBOOK: The Naked Vegan

COOKBOOK:  The Naked Vegan

The Naked Vegan - a title that makes you take a second look and a cookbook recently delivered to me by the good people of Murdoch Books.

Maz Valcorza is a no-nensense and funny lady who had me at "I ate Spam from a can", as I too laughingly remember eating spam from a can when I was younger - it was my mum's staple ingredient in her light Summer ham salad.

This cookbook is filled with raw vegan recipes, free of refined sugars and nasty fillers.  It uses food grown from the ground, free from animal products and has not been heated to over 40-46 degrees.

I must state right here that I am in no way a vegan.  In fact I'm far from it.  Yes, I enjoy a green juice and a raw dairy-free cheesecake along with the next person, however give me a juice organic, grass fed steak smothered in a buttery bernaise sauce and I'm a very happy gal.  I never say never though.


COOKBOOK:  Nourish

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the cookbook Love Bake Nourish by Amber Rose, so when she released her new book Nourish, in collaboration with 2 of her talented friends, I was first in line.

Nourish is not your typical cookbook as it's split into 3 sections.  The first section (I'm being honest) is my favourite as it's filled with gorgeous fresh recipes by Amber.  The other 2 sections cover health and nourishment for the mind, body and soul.  This book gives tips, tricks, solutions and answers for getting your health back into shape, stilling your mind and just simply maintaining a positive and happy outlook.  It's simply stunning.

My Christmas Tart !

My Christmas Tart !

3 simple words that when said apart, make me smile, but when said together, make me swoon .... Fruit.  Mince.  Tart.

In my old life, these 3 simple little single syllable words would conjure up so many good memories, making me feel comforted, happy and oh so "Christmassy".

Now, having run away from gluten and sugar, these words when said together do (if I'm being honest) bring up a little feeling of deprivation, but more so bring up feelings of sugar highs and slumps, sleepiness and foggy brain.  Not to mention a swollen thyroid!  I’m not one to say “never”, but with the knowledge I now have of how sugar affects my body, I just can’t imaging EVER consuming these little tarts that I once held in such high esteem, again.

Are you a snacker?

Are you a snacker?

So what type of snacker are you?  

Not too long ago, I was "the bored snacker".  You know the one, the person mindlessly snacking in front of the TV, not tasting the food being put into my mouth, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with being hungry.

Over the last few years, I've managed to rid myself from snacking.  It took time, but my body eventually adjusted, and then poof, gone - foggy 3pm brain, and gone - constant need to think about food. freedom is utterly addictive!

So why ask this question now?