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Coco-Banana Pots

Coco-Banana Pots


Bonjour mes amis!


If you’ve been following my adventures on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been frolicking in France for the past month.  Spending my days walking for miles and eating my body weight in French food.


Now I’m back. 


Well, my physical body is anyway.


I set out on this latest holiday with an open mind (and heart), knowing that France does not lead the world in gluten, sugar and dairy free food options (baguettes, French butter and fromage…hello!).  Surprisingly, they are definitely growing in this area, something I had never noticed on my past visits.



Beets + Thyroid

Beets + Thyroid

I truly believe that healing your body requires more than simply taking a few pills or herbs.  I believe it requires a complete overhaul of your body, mind and spirit.  


When it was first discovered that I had a thyroid issue, I was automatically put on conventional pharmaceutical thyroid medication by my doctor, and at the time, I felt sooo much better.  The swelling in my thyroid went down and the symptoms disappeared.  To be honest with you, at the time, I thought that was it.  Done and dusted.  I was fine.


And then a year later the symptoms all came back.  Tenfold!

Essential Oils + Parasites

Essential Oils + Parasites

Phase 2 of “Terminate The Boris’”


Since finishing the course of antibiotics from my GP, I’ve been concentrating on holistic remedies to “terminate” the two parasites currently taking up residence in my bodyBoris and Boris Jnr.  As mentioned in Phase 1 (see here), I haven’t been tested as yet to see if the antibiotics did the job, so until then, I’m continuing my assult, and my weapon of choice currently is the use of Essential Oils.


Blackberries + Paris


Blackberries.  I've not found them to be so plump, sweet and berry like in flavour than the one's I enjoy when in France.


Big, juicy blackberries where the little pips get stuck in your teeth and the juice dribbles down your chin, staining your lips.


So what to do with the extra basic raw chocolate you've just made?


You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know where I'm going with this....yep, add in a blackberry!

Au Revoir Parasites

Au Revoir Parasites



I’d like to introduce you to Boris and Boris Jnr.


They’ve recently joined my life.


Perhaps you’re already acquainted with the Boris’ but know them by their more common names of Dientamoeba Fragilis and Blastocystis Hominis.  Two microscopic parasites that are found in the intestinal tract of humans.  And right at this very minute, they’re paying me a very unwelcomed visit.


I’m not happy!


Although as I say those 3 words, I also have to admit to you that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  This icky news has actually given me an answer AND with it, an opportunity to finally fix the problems I'm having . 


These parasites could potentially be the root cause of my developing Hashimoto’s.  Holy cow!