Watty and Meg !

Watty and Meg !

I love it when taking a wrong turn turns out to be the best thing.

We did start out with a plan, but that was thrown out the window when over an hour later and with tummies rumbling, we realised we were in completely the wrong area.  Yep, we turned the "other" left.  

But then there in the distance (well, across the road) was a glimpse of warmth, cosiness and most   Watty and Meg.  The perfect little bistro for these two hungry little ladies.

Winter Necessities !

Winter Necessities !

Necessities you need during Winter in New York:

  • Beanie - have a problem with "hat hair"... get over it!
  • Gloves - 10 seconds with gloves off whilst snapping a photo is way too long.
  • Camera - Because every turn you take is simply beautiful.

So with beanies, gloves and camera's in hand, Prospect Park (like a little miniature Central Park located in the middle of Park Slope, Brooklyn) was our "studio" for the day.

TRAVEL: New York !

TRAVEL:  New York !

New York.  

It's been 4 long years since I last set eyes on this magnificent skyline.

This may be a whirlwind trip (planned just a short time ago over a glass of red one evening - yes, I guess I am that easy) , but with the right travel buddy and being mindfully in the moment every waking second, it's a holiday that feels like it's lasting forever!

The very best kind of holiday.

My Home for the Holidays !

My Home for the Holidays !

Christmas + the countryside = one very happy girl!

It really is pretty simple.  A house surrounded by bushland (no neighbours please!), Bing Crosby, twinkling Christmas lights and a big bowl of fresh prawns.  That's all it takes to make me forget about the working year that's been, allowing my shoulders to drop and the biggest smile to appear permanently on my face.

This is my perfect Christmas, all wrapped up with a big red bow.