Raw Organic Cacao + 4 Recipes

Raw Organic Cacao + 4 Recipes


Well hello there lovelies,


Tell me something.  Are you feeling a little sluggish now that Winter has been with us for a little while? 


Perhaps you’ve been experiencing fatigue, apathy, insomnia and irritability?


Maybe craving a little more energy in your life, pep in your step, clarity and focus?


My hands are in the air….hell yeah!


Can I also ask, have you perhaps thought it might simply be due to a lack of Magnesium in your diet?  Hunh!

IN SEASON: Cauliflower

IN SEASON:  Cauliflower

Cauliflower.  Oh so rich in antioxidants and immune-strengthening nutrients, this humble white (and often overlooked) should never be underestimated.  Chock full of Vitamins C, K and folate as well as protein, magnesium and potassium, this veggie can actually help prevent various kinds of infections in our body as well as strengthen our defense mechanisms. 


Such a smart little veggie to be in at its peak and in season just when we need it the most…during the cold and flu months of Winter. 


One of my personal goals when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s was to try and sooth all the symptoms I was experiencing as naturally as possible through using whole organic foods.  If this is something you’re also wanting to try, then perhaps cauliflower could be your first step?  It’s such a brilliant source of dietary fiber (helping aid our digestion and our bodies to eliminate toxins), and as it protects the lining of our stomach, this miracle veggie has been shown to prevent the risk of various tummy disorders, from indigestion, hypertension and stomach ulcers right through to colon cancer. 





Wondering what so good about them?


Wonder no longer people as I have the answer you’ve been waiting with baited breath for.  These little beauties are wonderfully rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals and are brilliant for your heart, nervous system and overall digestive health. 


Don’t believe me?  Here’s a little snapshot of just how good they are:

Turmeric - The Super Root

Turmeric - The Super Root

Turmeric.  A powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant containing a mix of manganese, iron, vitamin B6, fiber, copper and potassium.


It's what gives curry both its flavour and yellow colour, but did you know it has also been used for thousands of years to help with numerous health conditions?   


Studies suggest that this super root helps with inflammation in our bodies, reduces tumour growth and aids in liver detox.  It helps protect our bodies against heavy metal toxicity and can also potentially benefit those of us with autoimmune thyroid conditions as a happy liver is crucial for proper thyroid hormone conversion.  

pecans + Your Thyroid

pecans + Your Thyroid

Pecans.  Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, they can help decrease “bad cholesterol” and increases “good cholesterol” levels in the blood.


Seriously.  A simple nut can help do this?!


They’re also a wonderful nut to consume for those of us suffering the effects of hypothyroidism, as they’re a rich source of manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.