Noel en Juillet !

Noel en Juillet !

Hello everyone...

I'm Leigh and I'm an introvert!

I'm not talking about being shy or a loner.  What I am talking about is the need to recharge my batteries by turning inwards - having time on my own to relax, think and dream.  No talking.  No phones.  No plans.  Just me.  My social threshold is far lower than those bubbly extroverts out in the world, and even though I enjoy socialising, and I'm definitely not shy, I'm usually one of the first to say au revoir.

Today, I put my introverted self on hold.

Today I sapped up inspiration, knowledge and just utter loveliness in abundance by being surround by wonderfully talented and like-minded women.

Camellia Fiber Company

Camellia Fiber Company

Rebekka is from Nashville Tennessee.  She is the wonderful, talented lady behind Camellia Fiber Company and one of the hosts at the Slow Living Workshop.

And what a workshop it was.

Throughout the days we worked on our styling, photography and visual story telling.  We ate!  We spoke about building a portfolio and creating a social media presence (something I personally run from).  We ate some more.  And in between all of the styling, photography and eating, we delved into the natural dye process with Rebekka using local, foraged plants and flowers to brighten rustic kitchen linens - something I'd never heard of before but feel in love with......

Food for Thought: Strawberries

Food for Thought:  Strawberries

That wonderful fruit we call the strawberry.  

Filled with antioxidants, they have amazing anti-inflammatory properties helping prevent chronic illnesses caused by excessive inflammation in the body.  This includes cardiovascular disease, heart disease and several types of cancer.  They help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure and help improve your blood sugar regulation by stopping blood sugar spikes, leaving you feeling energized and full, and not tired and hungry like most sugars do.

Does this mean they counteracted the sugary goodness that lay peacefully underneath them in this tart?

Katie Marx Flowers + Butterland

Katie Marx Flowers + Butterland

Katie is a forager and a florist.  She is the talent behind Katie Marx Flowers and she is the owner (along with husband Greg) of the mind-blowing beauty that is Butterland - our home base for the Slow Living Workshop.

Based in the Victorian country town of Newstead, Butterland was the perfect place to feel inspired from the inside out.  Katie's flower arrangements were the cherry on top and her outfit made me feel I had one foot in Paris and the other in the Australian countryside.

Two of my favourite things!