The Loving Diet


As you know, I’ve been on this health and healing journey of mine since around 2013.  In particular, I’ve been working with both western and holistic practitioners on:


  1. lowering my thyroid antibodies (Hashimoto’s) from 1300 to under 32

  2. clearing parasites

  3. clearing SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth)

  4. healing my leaky gut

  5. and now … a 2nd autoimmune disease – ITP (one that attacks the blood platelets)


I’m a glass half full kinda girl, and after each appointment, I usually come out firing on all cylinders …..”I’m going to beat this!” 


My thoughts run from how I can tighten up my diet even more than it currently is to what extra supplements, protocols and/or activities I could further embrace to finally get this body of mine healed. 


And then I thought about something else . . .


I thought about how I could acknowledge and accept this inflammation (and what I refer to as a “set back”) and just simply love it all for what it is - A chance to slow down, focus on what is actually important in my life, get rid of any unwanted noise and to realise that this is where I’m meant to be right at this very moment.  Knowing and accepting that my illness has literally changed my life, for the better. 


It’s allowed me the chance to shed unhealthy and stagnant emotions and relationships.  It’s allowed me the chance to tune into my body and to actually listen when she talks (work-in-progress), and it’s opened up a whole new pathway that I’m absolutely loving travelling down – one of learning more about nutrition and how food can actually heal our bodies.


As much as I don’t want any of the above - I wouldn’t change it for the world.


A little tool that is helping me embrace this new way of thinking and living is a little book I stumbled over one day.


the loving diet by jessica flanigan


A clinical nutritionist, spiritual counsellor and health coach, and the woman behind the website AIP Lifestyle


In Jessica’s words … “The Loving Diet is soul-based work that is emerging as a new heart-body therapy modality. It is a pioneering approach that goes beyond paleo autoimmune and many mind-body practices and uses loving as a tool of healing one’s life and body.”


This book has been created for those of us struggling with chronic illness- it is a version of the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol using an established low-inflammatory diet, however it takes the perspective that true nourishment comes from self-acceptance, cooperation and loving from within.


I’m only at the beginning stages, however I am really connecting with its simple message.