The Slow Metabolism Series



One of the many symptoms I experience with having Hashimoto’s, and one of the issues that causes me the most stress, is my metabolism. 


Or specifically – my slow, useless son of a bit*h metabolism. 


You too?


As soon as my pants begin to tighten, I know things are not running smooth and efficiently.  Of course, I experience a load of other symptoms at the same time, but this is my “confirmation” symptom.


This pretty obvious realisation has led me down the pathway of actually finding out what’s really happening inside my body to cause my metabolism to slow down and what, if any, simple steps can be taken to help give it a kick up the bum.  


3 factors that play a huge part in our metabolism (weight management), which have jumped out at me are: 


1.  Liver health

2.  Thyroid health

3.  Adrenal health