Thyroid + The Throat Chakra


So as you all know, I’m still working on the health of my thyroid and will admit that I am a hell of a long way from being healed. 


I have my good days and bad days in regards to symptoms (lately, not being so great!), and my research has led me down soooo many varying pathways - some enlightening and some a little frightening.  However, one pathway is clear and that is there is a significant mind-body connection component to it all.


The pathway that’s taking my fancy at the moment ….. chakras.


Did you know that the word “chakra” means wheel/turning in Hindu? 


Most people have heard of the 7 chakras (energy centres) found in our body, but did you know that we actually have 114 in total?


My specific focus (having Hashimoto’s) is of course on the throat chakra (the 5th chakra).  This is the chakra associated with our ability to communicate clearly and effectively and when unbalanced, can lead to thyroid issues (like hypothyroidism), unbalanced hormones, and leave us feeling like we cannot speak up and express ourselves for fear of confrontation.


When this chakra is balanced in the body, we enjoy the benefits of healthy glands and thyroid, and the wonderful ability to speak our truth clearly, confidently and creatively.


I know which I’d prefer to be!


So in the spirit of trying everything at all possible to improve my health (seriously, why would you not try everything in your power), I’m implementing a few simple daily/weekly rituals to help balance my throat chakra, including:


Deep Breathing | Stopping for a minute or two during the day and simply taking deep cleansing breaths right down to my belly.

Journaling | Just for a few minutes at the end of the day, noting down how I’m feeling, what’s frustrating me, and what I’m grateful for.  Getting things off my chest that I may not be able to verbalise.

Meditating | 5/10/15 minutes just before bedtime. 

Fresh Air | Walking outside in nature each day and breathing in the fresh air.

Speaking | Expressing myself as clearly and calmly as possible and not getting caught up in the other persons “possible” reaction to my words. 

Yoga | Spiritual practice designed to support all of our chakras.

Being Brave | enough said.



Did you know that certain foods can also help support your chakras?  They include nutritional whole foods from the earth with air and water elements, including:



Clear liquids or broths

Herbal teas

Alkaline or mineral water


So to help re-balance, and as the weather warms up, I've been enjoying sipping on my new favourite elixer....


Iced Blueberry Tea


Makes 1 litre

3 tea bags of your fav organic herbal tea (I used organic berry here) | 500ml boiling water from the kettle | 500ml sparkling mineral water | bunch of fresh mint | handful of fresh blueberries


In a jar or jug, place your teabags and pour over 500mls of boiling water from the kettle.  Allow to steep and cool.

Once cool, pop in the mint and blueberries and top with sparkling mineral water and enjoy!