Too much estrogen?


Pimples under your chin?  Bad period pain and PMS?


These symptoms are brand spanking new for me and I wanted to know why? 


Interested in where my research took me…..Estrogen and Fibre.


I never knew there was a link.


I’ve always been aware that low amounts of estrogen in our body isn’t a great thing, but I never really thought much about the affects too much estrogen could have.  And yes, too much estrogen can be a bad thing, from causing acne, PMS and sleep problems, to toxic fat gain, water retention, bloating and even fibrocystic developments in the breast!


You see, estrogen and testosterone are processed in our liver (along with many other things) before being excreted as bile through our small intestine – gallbladder - kidney.


Ideally, when the bile is travelling through our small intestine, we want it to bind itself to soluble fibre and then be eliminated out of our body.  However, if there is not enough fibre in our diet, then there is nothing for the bile to bind on to, which means hormones can unfortunately be reabsorbed back into our body. 


Hello…excess estrogen!


Bottom line – increase your soluble fibre intake via food, which can include:


o   Citrus fruits, berries and apples

o   Starchy vegetable – sweet potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables

o   Non starchy vegetables – asparagus, zucchini, broccoli and brussels sprouts

o   Legumes – peas, lentils, chickpeas and pinto beans (if you can tolerate)

o   Supplemental soluble fibre – flaxseeds, psyllium husks and methylcellulose (these are a last resort as they can potentially also bind to nutrients, preventing the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body.  If using, always start low and slow and make sure you significantly increase your fluid intake).



While we’re at it, why not also increase foods that stimulate bile production - helping with that much wanted excretion process.  This could include tossing your salads with olive oil and drinking warm water with fresh lemon on a morning (especially on an empty stomach).


For me personally, this information was mind blowing.  Apart from eating broccoli and lemons on an almost daily basis, I’ve realised that I’ve rarely been eating any of the other soluble fibre foods, like the starchy vegetables or legumes.


Also, I’ve been using clary sage essential oil for my skin – containing sclareol, which actually mimics the effects of estrogen.


Jeez Louise…no wonder!


So to help increase my soluble fibre intake and rid myself of these pesky little pimples, I’m hitting my kitchen with some of these quick and simple recipes.  


Hope they help you too!