Walnut + Fig Balls


Ok.  So for the past few posts I’ve raved on about how I like to stay as healthy as possible when I travel. 


So today, I’m finally sharing with you the recipe for the snack balls I’m taking with me on the plane.


I like to make them in advance and keep them in the freezer, pulling them out when I’m ready to take off.


I personally (based on past experience) make mine full of good fats, to help fill me up and satisfy my taste buds, and I also try not to make them too sweet, as I find this can then set up sweet cravings for the rest of the plane trip – trust me – this is something you don’t want when trapped on a plane surrounded by crappy food choices!


PS….most snack ball recipes, like this, are made with medjool dates, however I love the swap to dried figs in this recipe, as they’re already a little lower in sugar to begin with!





Fig + Walnut Balls

Makes approx 12 balls


2 cups coconut flakes | ½ cup walnuts | 2 tbsp coconut oil | 1 tbsp raw honey | 6 dried organic figs | Pinch of salt | Pinch of cinnamon


Blitz all ingredients together in your food processor until it all comes together in one big sticky ball.  Taste for sweetness (I personally find the figs and just 1 tbsp of honey to  be sweet enough).  Roll spoonful’s of the mixture into balls and place into an air-tight container and leave in your fridge to firm up.


These can be stored in your freezer - simply pull one out when ready to eat, they defrost in no time.