Our beautiful bodies were meant to be moved, not punished. It should help you feel energised, happy, and confident.


Creating a nourishing habit of gentle, consistent physical activity is a must in any wellness journey, especially for those of us living with chronic illness. Just the smallest amount of activity and movement can have huge health benefits. Movement can not only help manage symptoms whilst improving your overall health, it can also improve your mental health and mood, and walking is one of the best (and easiest) exercise anyone can do. New to exercise, then start slow and keep it simple. Even just 10 minutes for the first couple of weeks will be of huge benefit. Find it difficult to move? Perhaps even try chair yoga! Remember, ANY movement in your day is beneficial – whether that’s getting up from your desk at work and walking to kitchen or bathroom more often, taking the stairs, going for a walk in your lunch break, ditching the car and walking to the supermarket, or even busting some moves to your favourite song in the privacy of your home. Anything that involves engaging your muscles, stretching your body, and changing positions will be helpful.