Why I Eat Alkaline foods?


I’m all about alkalising foods at the moment.


What the hell are you talking about? I hear you ask.


In my own very basic “Leigh” terms, the food we eat and the minerals they contain influence the pH levels in our body (our acid/alkaline scale).  Ideally, we want our body to be higher in the alkaline zone rather than in the acid zone, as it is believed that an acidic body creates inflammation.  Can you see where I'm coming from?  I'm trying everything within my power to help heal my leaky gut and stop the bloat – all caused by inflammation!


Foods high in acid, or that are acid forming, include sugar, grains (including the gluten free variety) and animal proteins.


Did you know that each time we eat an acid forming food, to re-balance our pH level our body needs to release calcium, phosphorus and magnesium (alkaline-rich minerals) into our bloodstream?


This is all well and good, but the trouble is when we don’t eat enough alkaline forming foods for this process to happen naturally, our body has to go on the hunt for these minerals from elsewhere, including our bones, teeth, and organs.  Unfortunately, this can result in a compromised immune system and decreased energy levels.


Jeez Louise - I need all the energy I can get!


So how can we stop this from happening?


My own personal, simple, everyday tips include . . .


Water | Keep hydrated.  Sipping warm (or room temperature) water throughout the day with a squeeze of lemon will help to alkalize the body.  Even though lemon is acidic, once in the body, it becomes alkaline.   Also sipping on herbal teas can be wonderful with peppermint and chamomile being alkalising, and burdock, clivers, echinacea, red clover and calendula being especially detoxifying.

Foods | We need to eat an alkaline rich diet in order to keep inflammation at bay, including fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts and herbs:

Veggies | Green is brilliant (spinach being the most alkaline vegetable), along with those from the orange spectrum.  Brightly coloured orange vegetables such as carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin are all brilliant, as the natural pigments (flavonoids) that give plants their colour, have antioxidant, alkalizing, and cell-protecting properties.  All root vegetables will provide some alkalizing benefits, yet carrots are a little bit more special.

Garlic | Load up!  Garlic is a moderately alkalizing immunity-boosting powerhouse, available all year round.

Nuts | Hazelnuts being the most alkaline.

Turmeric | A pungent spice, which is highly alkalizing to the body containing curcumin - a compound that increases the level of immunity-boosting proteins in our bodies. These proteins help fight bacteria and viruses.

Ricotta | Made from whey – the alkaline portion of dairy products.