Staying Healthy in Winter



I don’t know about you, but my feelings about Winter and general Health go back and forward.  From Winter being a brilliant time to stay healthy, to Winter being a crappy time to stay healthy.  Are you the same?


The negative part of me wants to embrace lots of creamy mashed potatoes with lashings of butter, bottles of red wine and yummy dark chocolate.  I want to curl up on the couch under blankets with Netflix, and not step outside my door.  Hibernation is the world I think of with Winter.


The positive part of me dreams of all those nutrient dense, slow cooked casseroles and stews I intend to make, bursting with seasonal veggies and grass-fed meats.  I love brisk walks in the park all rugged up against the elements before coming home to warm baths and early nights.


Whatever side of the fence you sit on, I hope one or all of my tips below help you to either stay in love with your healthy Winter routine, or perhaps help to change your mind in staying healthy and nourished this Winter.




Water | This is often the last thing I think about doing during Winter, however it’s so important to stay hydrated, especially when surrounded by heating.  To help me, I only drink room temperature water (not cold), and I also increase my herbal tea intake.

Movement | It doesn’t have to be much, but just a little exercise each day (just 30 minutes) will help boosts your endorphins and keeps your blood flowing (helping to keep you warm).  Personally I love the soothing moves of Yin Yoga during the Wintertime, especially of an evening, as well as my brisk walk to work of in a morning all rugged up.  Find that “something” that lifts your spirits, and remember, we’re all different!

Sleep | The days are shorter and the nights longer, signalling to us that Winter is the season to slow down, rest and rejuvenate before the Spring.  During this time, sleep is paramount to my health, and when I don’t get enough, my Hashimoto symptoms flare and my energy slumps.    If you don’t already have a solid evening routine in place, perhaps now is the time to set yourself up.  Interested to see what I do?  Click here for my routine.

Protein | Make sure to include protein with each meal to help keep you satiated and your blood sugar levels stable - helping to stop any sugar cravings, which tend to increase during these colder months.

Citrus | It’s no coincidence why citrus fruit is in abundance during the Wintertime, as the cycle of produce is perfectly designed to support our health and facilitate our body’s natural healing process.  This is a time when Vitamin C is in high demand helping to prevent infections such as colds and flu’s.

Home Cooking | Something very close to my heart - and wonderful for our health.  Winter is the perfect time to take back control of what we eat, consciously making better choices for our health, getting back into a cosy warm kitchen and cooking at home is a wonderful activity to do with your family and friends (and brilliant for your bank account too) . 

Legs | Whilst dinner is cooking, I’ve been finding myself laying on the floor with my legs up against the wall for a few minutes.  I’m absolutely loving these few minutes to myself to help lower any stress that may have built up during the day (especially before sitting down to eat dinner), and it’s also a wonderful transition between letting go of my day at work to embracing my evening.



Now your turn.  I’d love to hear some of your favourite tips or routines you do during Winter to help keep your health on track.