Fig and Salt !

Fig and Salt !

It doesn't take much for me to feel giddy, but it does take a bit of effort for me to swoon, and I was swooning all over the place when afternoon tea was layed out before us at the Slow Living Workshop.

I touched briefly on the splendid beauty of Fig and Salt here, but this is no longer a little girl crush.  

I'm seriously in love.

Styling with Local Milk !

Styling with Local Milk !

Food Styling, I've just discovered, is actually a foreign concept to me.  Go figure?

I cook a dish, I photograph it, and then I devour it.

The problem with this little method of mine, for me personally, is that I'm usually so hungry by the photographing stage that I give no time to styling the shot or developing the story.  I simply take a few quick snaps and Bob's your uncle.  Voila!

Thank God this workshop and Beth came into my life .  Not only is this simple little step so necessary, it also puts the biggest smile on my face.  I'm a long long way away from producing anything even vaguely close to Beth's level, but that's ok.  I figure the journey so far is what has brought me inquisitively to this point in time, and I've loved every minute of it!

"THE" Pie !

"THE" Pie !

I have that wonderful Nina Simone song playing over and over in my head.... Tomorrow is My Turn.

And in particular, the line "We all like the right to find the key to success".  It's a theme that's been personally turning around in my head for a little while now and I can tell you with complete and utter certainty that the talented people behind the catering company Fig and Salt have already found it.

This pie was my proof!

Slow Living: A Practical Workshop

Slow Living:  A Practical Workshop

A day back in August was the day I almost peed myself with excitement as I'd booked into a the Slow Living:  A Practical Workshop being hosted by one of my favourite food styling photographers....Beth Kirby of Local Milk.

Do you remember?

You can just imagine that if I was that excited just booking the ticket, what I was like packing the car and taking off to the Victorian countryside to get started.

I was in a state of pure bliss from the bear hug I received from Luisa Brimble (fellow host and photographer extraordinaire) on first arriving, to the mouthwatering Welcome Dinner organised by Local Gatherings, to the prop table filled from top to bottom with items that set my heart fluttering, right through to the very last photo I snapped two days later.  I didn't want it to ever end.

Moi - The Pastry Chef !

Moi - The Pastry Chef !

After an afternoon spent kneading, rolling and egg washing, I've decided to think of myself as an officially trained French pastry chef.

The fact that I showed up to the wrong cooking school initially, in my eyes, plays no part in my "promotion".

The French may not agree, but pfft .....