Looking to create a natural low-toxic lifestyle for yourself, your home + your family?


Already love essential oils and now want to help others feel this wonderful too?


Looking to create a creative on-line business, additional review stream AND dream life for yourself?

Having spent a small fortune (gulp) on my health over the past few years, healing the damage caused by my Autoimmune Disease, I am now a HUGE advocate for prevention over cure, and I’m passionate about the positive effects therapeutic grade essential oils can have on our bodies and general wellbeing. I’ve seen it personally!

- so How do they work -


By helping increase nutrient density in the body, which in turn “crowds out” toxins.

Essential oils are nutrient-dense

Essential Oils are the most powerful part of the plant, without which, the plant wouldn’t exist (hence the term essential).  According to Dr Mat Lalonde’s scale of nutrient-density, un-irradiated herbs + spices are the second most nutrient dense foods on the planet.

Essential oils are detoxifying

Pure therapeutic-grade essential oils are highly oxygenating + are scientifically documented to carry the highest level of oxygenating molecules of any substance known to man! These oxygen molecules help push chemicals + toxins out of our cells, making room for those wonderful nutrients to enter.


- How I incorporate them into my lifE -


My medicine cabinet

Given the chance, the human body knows how to restore + maintain vibrant health, so for me, EO’s are my first aid kit.   From congestion, immune, sleep + digestive issues, to insect bites, stings + cuts, it’s empowering to know I can turn to one of these oils in the first instance to help support my system, rather than a quick pharmaceutical “band-aid” solution.

Did you know it takes 22 seconds for the oil molecules to reach the brain?  2 minutes they’re found in the bloodstream + 20 minutes they will affect every cell in your body.


My Home

Over time I have swapped out all household cleaning products with pure therapeutic-grade EO’s + oil-infused products to create a toxic free home. We spend time focusing on “cleaning up” our diet that we often neglect the toxins we bring into our home that have a massive impact on our health.

When diffused, essential oils add a beautiful spirit + energy, creating a safe + inviting space that I love, both at home + at work.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of simply diffusing them!


My body

Everything we put on our body matters + the biggest consequence of built-up toxin exposure from artificial skin care products = hormone imbalances! Many products contain hormone disruptors, so I always check every ingredient from shampoo + soap, to moisturiser, deodorant, sunscreen + makeup!  The ingredients in conventional personal care products are questionable at best + toxic at worst, with ingredients such as SLS, PEGs, propylene glycol, fragrances, Triclosan + bleach, which all cause inflammation – which we now know to be the root cause of all modern disease.


- why i choose young living essential oils -

Yes - the Young Living products are life changing, but the financial opportunity that exists by sharing these products can be even more life changing!

For a very long time, I never knew that I could be paid for sharing these products. 

I simply used them and shouted their benefits from the roof top.

However, as Young Living is a network marketing business, this means if you share the products with someone - say a friend- and your friend buys any products - Young Living pays YOU a commission as a thank you for the recommendation.

This whole network marketing/selling thingy scared the pants off me initially, but if you think about it, we network market all the time. Every time we use a product we love, we tell our family and friends and we post it on social media (well, I certainly do!).  The only difference is that Young Living will reward you for your recommendation! 

Hell yeah!

So let me now ask you . . .


That additional income stream could be closer than you think!

When I look at the opportunities Young Living is currently giving me . . .

How about you?  Are you looking to live more abundantly?



b o k c h o y-7.jpg

 It’s only recently that I’ve begun to talk about the business side with Young Living.

After a few friends and colleagues wished I’d told them sooner, I realised I had done them a disservice by not giving them the complete package, and then letting them decide for themselves. 


Now I tell everyone - and the choice is up to you!

 - Think you can’t afford to get started -


Do you have concerns about affording these products, or the Essential Rewards Program? (yes, this was me!)

Well, some simple research has put this concern to rest for me . . .

Not only is it possible for you to have your monthly Essential Rewards orders completely paid for (and get your products for free - just like me!), you can also work the business in such a way that Young Living can pay YOU an income – allowing you to lead a life of complete financial abundance and freedom.


CONCERN BUST #1 | Many view Young Living expenditure as an ADDITIONAL household expenditure. This is not true. We already buy products (daily/weekly/monthly) from shampoo + conditioner to dental floss and hand soap, as well as dishwashing liquid, laundry liquid, household cleaner, face cleanser, make up and so much more from various (multiple) stores, yet now you simply purchase all of these products from the ONE company – Young Living! Getting ALL of these products from the one place also means you’re saving a bucket load of time instead of racing around to all the different shops and websites, AND they’re delivered to your doorstep.

CONCERN BUST #2 | Cost breakdown - how much do these products actually cost compared to other natural products on the market? To my surprise, because Young Living products are so concentrated, they end up working out SO MUCH CHEAPER than the products I was previously buying. For example:

This makes it the cheapest cleaner on the market! Not only cost effective, it actually works - and being non toxic - it’s good for you and your family to use, touch and inhale. Surely this is great news if you have kids + pets!

Other leading organic hair care brands, without the added enhancements of Young Living essentials oils, are at least $0.44 per wash (nearly double the price), as they are not as concentrated requiring you to use twice as much.

So as you can see from doing the math, these products are potent, concentrated, pure, therapeutic AND very economical!

- Commission -

If you share these products with 3 people each month and set them up with their own Young Living membership number, Young Living will reward you with very handsome commissions - completely covering your own monthly orders - basically you’re getting your Young Living products FOR FREE!! (You receive $65 for every starter kit someone you enrol purchases, plus 25% of that new members’first and second monthly order followed by 8% of their fourth and subsequent orders).

And if you teach those 3 new members to also enrol others, you ALSO receive commissions on their new members.

The additional income that you receive from Young Living could potentially be so substantial that it can cover all your household expenses AND ultimately afford you complete financial freedom (the highest rank receives up to approx. $187,000 per month!!). Not to mention the all expense paid trips overseas to farms and conventions which are life changing!

- So this is my mission -

To help women live more abundantly - not only emotionally and physically but also financially - I’ve learnt that having multiple revenue streams is smart, especially as a female.

Hopefully this information shows you that money is no barrier to having a Young Living wholesale membership, as you will not only be saving money, but you can potentially generate abundant money from the company. Cost and quality aside, you can also have peace of mind knowing exactly where your products come from as Young Living operate with full transparency and integrity.

- how to join our team and start creating your own abundant life -

Curious and want to create your very own heart-centred business that makes a difference to peoples’ lives, to run it on your own terms from anywhere in the world, to travel the world all-expense-paid to conventions and farms, and to make a fabulous income that exceeds your wildest dreams, then I invite you to contact us to discuss joining our Indulge Me Daily team. 

Whatever pace you want to grow your business, and whatever level of residual income you desire (free goodies or financial freedom), we are 100% committed to support you wholeheartedly on your journey.

Are you ready to create your abundant life?