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Having spent a small fortune (gulp) on my health over the past few years, healing the damage caused by my Autoimmune Disease, I am now a HUGE advocate for prevention over cure, and I’m passionate about the positive effects therapeutic grade essential oils can have on our bodies and general wellbeing. I’ve seen it personally!


- so how do they work -


By helping increase nutrient density in the body, which in turn “crowds out” toxins.

essential oils are nutrient-dense

Essential Oils are the most powerful part of the plant, without which, the plant wouldn’t exist (hence the term essential).  According to Dr Mat Lalonde’s scale of nutrient-density, un-irradiated herbs + spices are the second most nutrient dense foods on the planet

essential oils are detoxifying

Pure therapeutic-grade essential oils are highly oxygenating + are scientifically documented to carry the highest level of oxygenating molecules of any substance known to man! These oxygen molecules help push chemicals + toxins out of our cells, making room for those wonderful nutrients to enter.

- how i incorporate them into my life -


my medicine cabinet

Given the chance, the human body knows how to restore + maintain vibrant health, so for me, EO’s are my first aid kit.   From congestion, immune, sleep + digestive issues, to insect bites, stings + cuts, it’s empowering to know I can turn to one of these oils in the first instance to help support my system, rather than a quick pharmaceutical “band-aid” solution.

Did you know it takes 22 seconds for the oil molecules to reach the brain?  2 minutes they’re found in the bloodstream + 20 minutes they will affect every cell in your body


my home

Over time I have swapped out all household cleaning products with pure therapeutic-grade EO’s + oil-infused products to create a toxic free home. We spend time focusing on “cleaning up” our diet that we often neglect the toxins we bring into our home that have a massive impact on our health.

When diffused, essential oils add a beautiful spirit + energy, creating a safe + inviting space that I love, both at home + at work.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of simply diffusing them!


my body

Everything we put on our body matters + the biggest consequence of built-up toxin exposure from artificial skin care products = hormone imbalances! Many products contain hormone disruptors, so I always check every ingredient from shampoo + soap, to moisturiser, deodorant, sunscreen + makeup!  The ingredients in conventional personal care products are questionable at best + toxic at worst, with ingredients such as SLS, PEGs, propylene glycol, fragrances, Triclosan + bleach, which all cause inflammation – which we now know to be the root cause of all modern disease.

- why i choose young living essential oils -