Coconut Ice - Fructose Free

Food for though:  Rice Malt Syrup.

If you've been here before you may have noticed that lately I've been leaning towards Rice Malt Syrup as my sweetener of choice when baking.  I'm no expert on the matter, but I am an avid researcher and am learning along the way and what I've discovered so far is that

Rice Malt Syrup is a 100% glucose natural sweetener made from fermented cooked rice (no fructose in sight!).  And because it contains more maltose and is low GI, it releases the glucose more slowly and steadily into our systems, rather than a quick spike. 

I don't write this to try and convert you on the matter, but purely to explain very simply why it's my sweetener of choice at this point in time. 

And I've loving all the experimenting I'm doing with it - just like this little beauty!


Fructose Free Coconut Ice

(recipe from the I Quit Sugar Website)


This is not the hard, very sweet (almost candy like) coconut ice from my past, but a softer, more mellow version and I'm dedicating this recipe to one of the most gorgeous little girls in the world - Bella, who I'm told loved it just as much as I did.