Time to be Good to Myself !

I know it's the beginning of a new year and I know I'm meant to feel all refreshed and motivated with my goals set for 2014, but to be completely honest, I'm stuck.  My legs are heavy and my mind is foggy.

Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all the changes and happenings that are currently going on in my world so I know I just need to keep ploughing on, but this morning I was thinking that it's really not an enjoyable way to live life.  To just plough through.

Basically, it's time for an attitude change and it's time to be good to myself, and being a true Taurean, I have no problem "treating" myself, whether it's with a massage, a movie, coffee with friends or even just some well needed time alone.  I just need to amp this up a notch, and the comfort of baked custard (fructose-free) is just the start.

Baked Rosemary and Cardamom Custard

(adapted from Love Bake Nourish by Amber Rose)