Envy + Chocolate

I'll be the first to admit it - I am 100% guilty of comparing myself to others.  Most days I'm more grateful than jealous, but in those weak moments, especially with instagram at my finger tips, I have been known to feel those horrible pangs of envy. 

From comparing my photos through to comparing my lifestyle.  In those weak moments I forget that the perfect food photograph possibly took them all day to achieve, and that beautiful shot of a home, a holiday, or my dream career was possibly fought tooth and nail for with a lot of hard work, savings and time.  

Seriously....who am I to whine when I get to travel to France each and every year!

In those weak moments I say to myself that there are things that come so easily to me and not to others....that's life.  

If we could all do and look exactly the same, what kind of boring world would that be? 

One of my unique qualities is that I can cook, and I love it.


These little cups are not overly sweet (you could certainly up the sweetener to suit your own taste buds), but what I really love is the texture - tasting almost like coconut rough with the pop and crunch coming from the chia seeds.  Totally addictive!