Chocolate Granola !


Who the hell would ever knowingly miss eating it?  It's my favourite meal of the day and a meal I would NEVER miss.  

My usual breakfast of choice is savoury, based around eggs, avocado (which I can't get enough of lately) and veggies.  It's usually packed full of protein, fat and greens that keep me going right through until those first stirrings of hunger around midday.

Some days, not often, but occasionally, I crave something different.  A little crunchier.  A little sweeter.  Like this chocolate granola that I keep stashed in my freezer for such times.

Don't be fooled.  This breakfast cereal still packs a protein and fat punch and will keep you going through to your next need for mindless snacking between meals with a bowl of this baby in your tummy....



For me, a good dollop or two of organic goats milk yoghurt and perhaps some fresh coconut flakes and berries.  

and you?



Recipe adapted from the I Quit Sugar website