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Last year I had a wake up call. Having spent an inordinate amount of money on my health - from medical bills and holistic practices to overhauling my environment into a low-toxic oasis (organic food, cleaning products, skin care and even make up) - I realised that if I continued on this “spending” pathway, I would not be financially able to live the abundant life I had dreamed for my future - travels to France, reducing my full-time working hours and ultimately, getting myself out of the corporate life entirely.


That was the day I took the very first step in another direction.


I then wondered if other people would be interested in this financial opportunity that I had discovered and whether it could be a way for me to help other people, like me, live more abundantly - not just physically and emotionally but financially too. To my surprise many people – especially stay at home mums, those not happy with their current jobs, or those under financial strain - have embraced creating an online business in the comfort of their own home while working together as a team with other like-minded people.

indulge me daily

For a very long time, I never knew that I could be paid for sharing young living essential oils. I simply used them and shouted their benefits to anyone who would listen.

However, as Young Living is a network marketing business, this means if you share the products with someone - say a friend - and your friend buys products - Young Living pays YOU a commission as a thank you for the recommendation.

If you share these products with 3 people each month and set them up with their own Young Living membership number, Young Living will reward you with very handsome commissions. And if you teach those 3 new members to also enrol others, you ALSO receive commissions on their new members.


The additional income you receive from Young Living could potentially be so substantial that it can cover all your household expenses AND ultimately afford you complete financial freedom (the highest rank receives up to approx. $187,000 per month!!). Not to mention the all-expense paid trips overseas to farms and conventions which are life changing!


Love essential oils, living a low-toxic life AND curious to create your very own heart-centred business that makes a difference to peoples’ lives? 

To run it on your own terms from anywhere in the world and to make a fabulous income that exceeds your wildest dreams?  Then perhaps joining the Indulge Me Daily team is exactly the opportunity you’re looking for.


- so let’s talk money -

In the world we live in today, there are a few standard ways we make an income.

Earned Income | trade time for money.

Investments Income | building investments in stocks, shares and/or property. 

Residual/Passive Income | network marketing, selling products online like courses, ebooks, online programs. 

The above business opportunity with Young Living has allowed me to earn residual/passive income AND I don’t have to sit in peak hour traffic or fetch my boss a coffee for it!

So I want to ask you this . . .

There is no limit with this business opportunity - no income or salary cap.  You can create and earn as much as you desire and are willing to work for. 

I’m here to show you what’s possible.  With the support of this amazing community, you will discover just how incredible it is to be part of something that actually lights you up.


- Network Marketing -


Yes.  This is a network marketing company, and I’ll be honest with you, it scared the pants off me initially. I hate the thought of selling! However, if you think about it, we network market all the time.  Every time we use a product we love, we tell our family and friends and we post it on social media (well, I certainly do!).  The only difference is that this company rewards you for your recommendation!  Hell yeah!

- is joining right for you? -


If you're ready for something bigger than the life you’re currently living.

If you’re tired of working 9-5 for someone else’s gain.

If you want money in the bank, time to spend with those you love AND fulfillment in what you do everyday.

If you work well on your own AND in a team, and you get excited about helping others achieve their goals too.

If you want to be part of a movement that’s educating and empowering others around the globe.



Whatever pace you want to grow your business, and whatever level of residual income you desire, we are 100% committed to support you wholeheartedly on your journey.


 If so, I would love to walk you through what we do and share more with you, if you're considering joining us.

Book a call with me below to chat more about joining our community.

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