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inside you'll find:


✔ Gut health and Hashimoto's

✔ Why remove immune reacting foods

✔ Why consume nutrient dense gut healing foods

✔ Tips to reduce and manage stress

✔ My routine and how it helps my wellness journey

✔ Five simple, tasty, nutrient dense recipes

✔ No gluten, grain, dairy, soy or refined sugar in sight!


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inside you'll find:


✔ Hashimoto, AIP, Paleo and Vegan friendly treat recipes

✔ Gift giving ideas

✔ 6 yummy recipes to share with "food intolerant" friends 

✔ Nothing processed or artificial

✔ Treats that keep your tummy + immune system happy

✔ No refined sugars

✔ No gluten, grain, dairy, nuts, soy, seeds or eggs in sight!